Houston Energy Service

Houston Energy Hub

Houston is considered to be the energy hub of Texas. Most people know that Enron really kicked things into high gear for Houston as they were one of the largest energy companies in the world. When Enron went out of business it was a big shock for everyone but it didn’t take long for entrepreneurs to create over 50 retail electric providers to go after a 25 billion dollar retail electricity market in Texas.

Energy Brokers

There are several hundred energy brokers and licensed aggregators operating in Texas now that compare electric rate for commercial businesses looking for a cheaper rate for their electricity service. Since the economy has started to suffer businesses are using energy brokers and consultants even more to add dollars to their bottom line.

Study The Hidden Details

Some trends in the retail Texas energy field have been in companies comparing electricity rates with multiple electric providers. Consumers have become concerned that not all electric companies are disclosing all the fees and charges in their rates. Having a reputable Houston electric company go through each electric providers contracts and study it for hidden fees allows a consumer to know they are picking a good energy supplier without a history of advertising misleading electric rates.

Compare With Other Companies

When comparing electricity prices it is important to look at Houston electric companies fixed rates with other fixed rates. If a company or home tries to compare a variable electric rate with a fixed rate they will notice that the variable rate is much cheaper than a fixed rate. The problem is that a variable rate can change and go higher after the first month. Be sure you compare variable electricity prices with other variable electric rates. Variable rates are tricky because they do not all follow a commodity market and some are raised arbitrarily by the energy company with no explanation even when prices have come down lower.

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May 27, 2009
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