Comparing Electricity Rates in Texas

Texas consumers can compare electricity prices with other providers besides just going back and forth between Reliant or TXU Energy. There are now multiple electricity providers to pick from but not all of these energy companies have ethical treatment of their customers. It is important to pick an energy supplier that has a clear energy contract and price advertisements. Some Texas electric companies will advertise a rate that is 4 cents per kWh or lower than most other electric companies. These providers will not include the TDSP charges when initially quoting your energy price. It is important that when talking with an electric company they are giving you a clear picture of what the rate will look like when you frist speak with them. You can learn more about comparing electricity prices with other reputable electric companies than just looking at TXU or Reliant electric rates by visiting this Texas Electricity Rates page.

When looking at different comparison charts that show the cheapest energy company it can be confusing when you see a commercial electric rate chart. A commercial energy chart will not have the TDSP charges as a part of the rate. The reason commercial rates usually have the TDSP charges unbundled from the rate is due to the company not knowing what you pay in TDSP charges. Every business pays a different pole and wires charge based on how they historically use their energy. If you give the provider a day or two they can pull your historical electric usage and find out what you normally pay for your TDSP charges. They can then bundle the pole charges with your energy only charge. By bundling all the charges you can budget and know exactly what you will pay for your Texas electricity service.

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June 1, 2009
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